Turn OFF Windows 7 Password Protection

Turn OFF Windows 7 Password Protection

In Windows 7, you have to enter a password to log in to Windows. This is to protect your PC from Unauthorised access by others. If you are only using your computer whenever you start Windows 7, you need to enter the password to log in. This becomes very difficult for the continuous user.

Automatically logon to Windows 7 without Entering any User name or Password

So here is how to log in to Windows 7 without entering any username or password.

  1. In the run, menu type controls userpasswords2.
  2. Just press WIN + R to get the RUN menu.
  3. The user accounts windows will now open up.
  4. Look for the option saying ” Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer,” uncheck this option and press “OK.”
  5. A window opens up asking you to enter the current password you use to log in to Windows 7. Enter the password and confirm. Done!.

You will not be asked or prompted to enter the user name and password when you boot to Windows. This can also save a couple of seconds while starting Windows.


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