Google Chrome OS Review: 7 Different things that make the New OS Unique

Google Chrome OS Review

Finally, Search Giant has released the much-hyped Google Chrome OS Source Code. Developers worldwide can dive into them to come up with more programs and ideas on improving them. According to Google, their new operating system is far different from any other operating system available. The Chrome OS team has released a short 3-minute video that briefly explains how exactly it is different from the other operating systems. Here is a brief review of Google’s New Operating system.

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7 different things that make the Google OS Unique

The browser Itself is the Interface:

If you have used the Google Chrome browser before, you won’t feel anything new when you first glimpse at the new operating system; this is because the browser is the primary interface of the operating system. Unlike Windows, Mac, and Linux, you don’t have a separate desktop, file explorer, etc., for Chrome OS. However, you can open up multiple windows, something like multiple desktops, and switch between them is similar to windows 7’s Alt+Tab feature with the live preview.

Chrome OS

Designed For Security:

One of the main problems computer users face today is viruses, spyware, etc. You need antivirus software in operating systems like windows, but in chrome os, you don’t need such a thing because the OS is designed for security. Each and Evey application you run is put in “security sandboxes,” which are designed to resist viruses and malware. Moreover, the Chrome OS is intelligent enough to verify its code and reboots the system, and fix it by itself if it finds any issues with it.

The Operating system will always be up to date. It won’t give you a choice to turn on/off automatic updates. The OS automatically updates itself when required.

Data Storage is in the Cloud:

Whatever you save in your Chrome Os is synced with the clouds. The advantage is that you can have your home pc anywhere at any time. Their wont is problems like backing up data, migrating user details, etc. You will have everything as such as soon as you sync up your new pc. All of your data is secure and encrypted.

Forget the Slow BootUps:

This is one area where most of the operating systems lag behind. When you want to work with your pc quickly, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds or more to start working with. Google has seriously taken care of this issue, and it is known that the Google Chrome Os can boot up blazing fast. They are so obsessed with it that they’re asking the hardware manufacturers to use specific materials just for speeding things up.

Every Thing is the Web and No App Installations:

This is something that can make many people hate it. There won’t is any software installations like in the other operating systems. 

There won’t be any Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Adobe AIR. Instead, everything will be web apps. However, there will be support for plugin/extensions support like in the Chrome Browser.

Chrome OS is Free to Use (Open Source):

Like the Linux operating systems, chrome os will be open source. People are free to modify the code to suit their requirements, and for now, they can contribute the submissions back to the project.

No More Driver Supports:

According to Google, the new os will support only specific platforms. No more moving parts will be used. That means it won’t run on regular PCs with physical hard drives, and it needs SSDs. There will be specific requirements like screen sizes, full-sized keyboards, above-average touchpads, etc.

According to Google, the new Os is expected to ship in about a year. The Google Chrome Os will be great for Netbooks but not for the desktops.

So, What Do You Think about the New Chrome OS? Show Off Your reactions through comments.

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