What are computing skills

Some teenagers or even office employees may wonder what computing skills are and how we can learn that? 

Well, we are here to tell you what computing skills are? And how you can learn it step by step! So stay tuned with us.

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What Are Computing Skills?

Computing skills are the knowledge and ability in a person to use and manage computers and other technologies with their understanding, and to perform various tasks and projects in the computer also add to the computing skills. In short: doing your work efficiently with the computer is called computing skills. 

Nowadays, computers can do many different tasks to make manual operations easy in this busy world.

So computing skills fall into three main categories.

  1. Basic skills
  2. Intermediate skills
  3. Expert skills

Basic Skills

Basic skills are entry-level skills like a person who knows how to build presentations, works in MS Office, and can perform the basic tasks in a computer like installing different software and knows of different settings in Windows.

We put all the basic skills in bullet points for your better understanding.

A person can do at a Basic level of Computing skills are:

  • Knowledge about windows and its setting.
  • Knows how to install windows.
  • Can manage different working files on a computer.
  • Learn how to install various software.
  • Command on building Presentations, preparing, and making additional documents.
  • MS-Office.
  • Knows how to compose Emails and know how to manage other online accounts.
  • Can perform basic research on Google.
  • Understanding of various components of computer hardware.

Intermediate Skills

Intermediate skills are somehow more advanced than a basic level of mastery. In the intermediate level, the person gets a little bit advanced; he starts to understand all these things, how the computer works, he gets a little knowledge of the computer hardware.

  • Can understand the written code.
  • Know how to fix any technical and software problems.
  • Know how to replace any component if it’s not working.
  • Learn software without any teacher by just exploring and understanding things.
  • Detailed practical knowledge in software.
  • Can write a hello world code in HTML or any other language.
  • Knowledge of networking in computers
  • Taking over any virus and protecting the existing files.
  • Adobe software.

Expert Skills

At the expert level, a person becomes the master of the computer; he knows and has expertise in several coding languages and can write his applications and websites. He also knows detailed knowledge of servers and networking. 

An expert level person can do,

  • Can repair a computer on its own.
  • He can make his software.
  • Practical working in databases.
  • As well as can do Intermediate level and primary level things easily.

So these are all computing skills. I hope you like this article. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment, and we will be happy to hear from you.

Peace Out!

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