How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

Your laptop is not a major power consumer in your home. In fact, it can account for up to 5-6% of your total power usage. This article will help you understand how much watts your laptop uses.

What is Laptop Power Consumption?

Laptop power consumption is the amount of energy that a laptop uses to power its various components. All the laptops in the market today have power consumption levels that are between 60-100 watts when running on battery and 120-240 watts when plugged into an outlet. This is because laptops use a lot of power to run the screen, CPU, wireless cards, and other components.

You should understand this first.

How To Find Out How Much Power Your Laptop Uses

Your laptop’s power usage can be found by logging onto your computer and clicking on the battery icon in the system tray. The battery icon is usually in the bottom right of your screen. The power tab will show an estimate of the power your laptop is using.

For example, if you notice that your laptop is using 60% of its battery life, you should expect to see that it is pulling about 120 watts. This does not mean that your laptop is drawing 120 watts of power, but just an estimate of how much power it is using.

If your laptop’s battery is running low, you may have a wireless card problem. The first thing to try if you’re experiencing this issue is to turn off the wireless card and see if the problem goes away. If it does not, then unplug the wireless card and plug it back in.

Another thing to try is to disable your laptop’s Bluetooth. If turning off the Bluetooth does not help, then try to reset your connection by unplugging everything from the internet and restarting your computer. If neither of these solutions works, then you’ll have to call a technician who may need to replace the motherboard of your laptop.


There are a number of ways to reduce power consumption on your laptop. The first is to reduce the brightness of your screen. Next, you can use a laptop cooler to provide better airflow for the laptop, which will result in less heat and less power consumption.

The two most important things you can do are:

1) Turn off Bluetooth when it’s not in use;

2) Disable any programs that automatically start up with Windows 10.

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